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David Heaton


David is one of the more experienced members of the association, having competed for more than 25 years and making a total of five Paralympic appearances. Dave’s hard work took him to: London 12, Athens 04, Sydney 00, Atlanta 96 and Barcelona 92.

He first tried Wheelchair Fencing at 14 years of age, when he was introduced to the sport by Brian Dickinson, a Paralympian who won bronze medals at the 1984 and 1992 Paralympic Games. It soon emerged that David had a talent for Wheelchair Fencing and he enjoyed the competitive nature of the sport.

Davids most memorable moment was the opening ceremony at his first Paralympic Games in Barcelona, 1992. During these Games, David won a bronze medal as part of the men’s Sabre Team.

After entering retirement following the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games, David returned to the sport after an absence of six years.

At London 2012, David competed in the mens Team Foil event alongside Craig McCann and Simon Wilson. The trio having only been together for a short time, drew the highest ranked team in the competition. The British team finished in 8th place.

Caz Walton OBE

Caz was involved in every Paralympic Games from Tokyo 1964 onwards. Until 1988 athlete had to multi-sport, so she competed in Swimming, Track, Table Tennis and ultimately became a fencer (when she was too old to compete and win as a Swimmer).

Caz was also captain of the GB Women s Wheelchair Basketball team in Seoul 1988. Her last Games was Barcelona, when she finished fourth and decided it was time to quit. But she still wanted to be involved and was Fencing team manager in 1996 and 2000 and 2008.

Interview with Caz.

Laszlo Jakab

Laszlo Jakab has been a fencing coach for 30 years. In 1996 he was invited to coach in the North East of England, since then the North East has became one of the strongest regions for fencing in Britain. Laszlo s fencers are competing at the highest levels, ranking at the top of the UK and regularly winning competitions

Laszlo has been a fencer since he was 10 years old. He started his career as a fencing coach in 1970 in Ujpesti Dozsa, taught and supervised by Mr. Barna Csanyi and Mr. Lajos Somody.

Laszlo was the first coach of Szabo Bence and Laszlo Csongradi, the Olympic Sabre Team Champions in Seoul. Szabo Bence also won Olympic Gold in the individual sabre in Barcelona. In 1994 Laszlo s student, Joszef Navarette became Olympic silver medalist in the sabre team at Atlanta and later in 1999 was a member of the Hungarian team who took the World title. In addition, his son Peter Jakab, was a finalist in the Junior World Championships at Sao Paulo. Even today, many current Hungarian team members owe their fencing skills to Professor Laszlo Jakab.

Brian Dickinson MBE

President of the British Disabled Fencing Association. Brian has represented Great Britain, in five Paralympic Games: Tokyo 1964, Tel Aviv 1968, New York/Stoke Mandeville 1984, Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992.

In all, Brian has won three Silver and three Bronze Paralympic medals for his country. On top of this, Brian has won Gold medals at National, Commonwealth and World Wheelchair Fencing Championships.  European Championships Director of Wheelchair Fencing, Brian has also been appointed as the Directoire Technique at Paralympic, World and European Wheelchair Fencing Championships. Before becoming the President of British Disabled Fencing Association, Brian was the General Secretary of the International Wheelchair Fencing Committee from 1984 to 2005. Brian now lives in Lancashire

Paul Cordell

Paul is an ex-fencer (for nearly twenty years) and qualified coach. 

Paul became involved with Disabled Fencing when his club ran a sponsored 24 hour fence in 1991.  An event not to be taken lightly, as steam sabre at 3am with tired fencers becomes a little dangerous!  From the funds raised, the association was able to purchase its first electric sabre box.  Paul has been coming along to training sessions ever since handing over the cheque to the association.  This purchase proved invaluable, as in the following year at the Paralympics in Barcelona, the sabre team won the Bronze medal. 

Since 1995, Paul has held the position of Secretary and continues to help at training weekends.  In 2004, he was the Team Manager at the Athens Paralympic Games and fills this role at various World Cup events throughout the year.

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