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Malchow Jan 2010


Above: Alan Sheriff parries Tom Hall-Butchers attack during a DE bout.

The Malchow World Cup attracted 100 competitors from 15 countries.

Vivien Mills
The Women Class A event attracted 15 competitors and saw Vivien Mills (GB) make her debut on the International stage with a promising start . Vivien did well to get through to the DE where she met Halkin (BKR) but was defeated 15-4. Vivien Mills came 14th in the event with Yu Vhui Yee winning the event.
The Womens’ Sabre event was only the second of its kind on the International arena attracting 13 competitors. Once again the event was dominated by Russia. Vivien met Cheryvakova (Russia) in the DE and was defeated 15 -4, her opponent went on to win silver. Vivien showed promise, and clearly benefited from the experience, finishing 13th. Kuramshina (RUS) won the event.

Tom Hall Butcher
There were 21 competitors in the Men’s Sabre A event. Tom fenced well with 2 well deserved victories against Palenta (GER) 5-4 and Rodriguez (USA) 5-3. He then met his team mate Alan Sheriff in the de beating him 15 -5. His next opponent was Stanczuk (POL) where he scored 4 hits. Stanczuk went on to win the event, with Tom finishing 14th.

There were 27 competitors in the Foil Class A event. Tom seemed really determined to prove himself in his bouts – and his determination paid off winning a bout against Cima (ITA) and although the scores did not do him justice in the other matches, he seemed confident. In the DE he met Febvre (FRA) where he gave a stunning performance. Despite being 8-3 down, he never gave up and took the bout to 14-14 but finished in style by securing the last hit. Tom then met Kavalenia but was defeated 15-6. Tom finished 16th

Alan Sheriff
This was only Alan’s second International event. At Sabre he appeared undaunted by his opponents and secured an early victory in the poules against Rout (GER) where he won 5-3. He fenced well and appeared on piste totally focused and had some good starts to matches. Alan was placed 19th.. Alan was not as successful at Epee, but showed that he was a credible force on the International stage and finished 27th.

Simon Wilson
There were 22 entries in the epee event. Simon had 2 victories beating Cima (ITA) 5-4 after a succession of doubles at 4-4 and then securing a victory over Malek (POL) by the same score. Simon seemed in control and positive in all his bouts. Simon finished 18th with Noble (FRA) winning the event. Simon finished 18thThere were 27 competitors in the Men’s foil. Simon once again seemed composed throughout and scored a victory against Hummer (GER) and was unlucky not to have beaten El Assine, where he scored 3 hits. The only match where he did not score was against Pender (POL).Simon finished 21st in this event.

The team were certainly a team to be proud of. The “oldies” Tom and Simon both achieved personal bests and improved on their ranking positions and the “newbies” Viv and Alan proved that they were a credible force on the International stage. It was an excellent world cup and the determination and hard work beforehand certainly paid off.

Report by Caz Walton

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